New Volunteer Sign Up:

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Volunteer Schedule:

Log into Planning Center Online here to view the volunteer schedule.


•  Scheduled Volunteers Arrive @ 9:15am (Use this time to prep your area)

•  Kids Check-In Begins @ 9:40am


Planning Center Tips & Tricks

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View Other Volunteers Contact Information: Go to People > Select a name












Get Mobile Text Message Alerts:


1.  Click your name in the top right corner

2.  Update your person & contact information

3.  Sign up for text messages (Tip: You will need to select phone number type of “Mobile” to see these text messaging options.)

4.  Save Person
































Review Full Volunteer Schedule For Particular Days:


1.  Click “Plans” in top left

2.  Expand the “Adult Worship — Sundays @ 10am” section and select a specific date to review

3.  Expand the specific volunteer area from the left navigation to view scheduled volunteers for that service


•  Green = Confirmed

•  Yellow = Unconfirmed

•  Red = Declined












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