Our MO is what we like to call “Love in Motion” or "Just Because" — To us, this means the extreme giving away of supplies and ourselves to our community expecting nothing in return.


We believe that since “God is Love” it can translate into the transformation of a community because the Bible says in John 13:35 (NLT): “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.“


Our mission is to lead imperfect people one step closer to Jesus.  We partner with exceptional organizations that already have perfected missions at its finest, or Global Partners, to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk families, individuals, and children.




The unfortunate season in anyone’s life of losing a job, being short on income to make ends meet, or just needing some help is a place many of us find ourselves at some point in the journey. Food and clothing are essentials to surviving a tough season of life and one that we want to help you take care of. That is exactly why we partner with Christ’s Chapel Share & Care Mission to help with food and clothing for those in need! More Info




Are you struggling with habits that have taken over your life? Have you lost track of who you really are? Do you feel helpless to control your own behavior? Does your family or other people you care about think you have a problem with chemical dependency, alcohol or some other type of compulsive behavior? Do you want to do something about it?


Recovery at Ringgold is a program that embraces people who are struggling with all sorts of addictive issues, compulsive behaviors, loss, and life challenges. The program incorporates the proven principles of recovery as established by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. Those recovery principles are made effective through the power of Jesus Chris and the free gift of His love and grace. Jesus is the inspiration and scripture is the foundation of our teaching. The 12 steps, accountability, and fellowship with others in recovery are our tools. Christ works through all these things to create miracles among us. Don’t give up before that miracle happens for you! Visit www.RecoveryAtRinggold.com




The need for new and healthy churches is vast. We believe that planting new churches is one, if not the best way to reach the world for Jesus Christ. If you have a desire to become a church planter, you came to the right place. Since 2009, we have partnered to plant over 40 send churches world-wide with Growing Healthy Church Network.


Additionally, The North American Mission Board is taking “the bull by the horns”  to plant 15,000 churches each year and we ar in partnership to make this happen.  If you have interest in planting a church please let us know.





The passion to touch a world with supplies is true “Love in Motion.” We have a mission to aid in disaster relief not only in our city, but all over the world. We have facilitated the giving away of over $1 million in tornado relief supplies since April 2011’s tragic tornado in our city and the hope continues.




Our hope is to help families avoid despair and ruin!  This HELP can happen whether you are married, engaged, divorced, already in the midst of thinking about divorce, a victim of adultery, currently cheating on your spouse, can’t get along, stuck, dead-end marriage, or you just plain hate each other.  Joe Beam and his team have a proven history with a 77% success rate of saving 3/4 couples’ marriage!




We believe that we can do more together than we can alone.  Local, national, and international missionaries are not in ministry to “get” anything from it; they are here to “give.”  They sacrifice their entire lives for the kingdom.  We support them by partnering with ministries and organizations all over the nation.




The fact is that many families are in crisis. Divorce, absent fathers and unwed births are compromising the future of our children.  Most residents agree that the family is the main building block of society. Still we must face these startling facts:


  • 1 out of 2 Christian marriages end in divorce now.
  • In 2002, Tennessee ranked 4th in the nation for divorce
  • 77% of dads in Chattanooga say that fathers should be more active in the lives of their children


In an effort to reverse the trend of destructive relationships and to strengthen the infrastructure of our community, Origin partners with First Things First for the following:


  • Advocates for a strong, healthy, life-long marriage
  • Promotes the fact that it is imperative for both mothers and fathers to be active in the lives of their children
  • Works to prevent out of wedlock pregnancies




We are big believers that every married couple and family should have a good Bible based counselor/coach for the rest of their lives.  Life is tough and challenging and can really beat us down, therefore, we love the idea of having an objective listener help us navigate through life.  We believe CBI/Hengar/Richmont University Counseling are some of the best in the land, right here in Chattanooga.




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