The Apology Factor

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Shane Craven: The Apology Factor
Because the world is imperfect, we cannot survive without apologies. When one’s sense of right is violated, that person will experience anger. Without apology, anger builds and pushes us to demand justice. Instead, we are the respond and forgive in the same manner that God forgives us. In this series, Shane Craven helps us discover the five languages of apology. Every person has a different level of apology that they need communicated to them to feel all is reconciled.

Week 1: Expressing Regret

We all say “I’m sorry.” Many times others do not accept “I’m sorry” as a sincere apology. They are looking for simple and genuine sincerity. These simple words can go a long way toward restoring goodwill.

Week 2: Accepting Responsibility

Why is it so difficult for some of to say, “I was wrong”? It’s different than saying, “I’m sorry.” Often our reluctance to admit wrongdoing is tied to our sense of self-worth.

Week 3: Making It Right

The idea of “making things right” to make up for a wrong is embedded within the human psyche. Our judicial system and our human relationships are deeply influenced by this idea. Something deep within us says, “If I have been wronged, someone needs to pay.” The question is, how do we make restitution in the most effective way? It becomes essential to express restitution in the love language of the other person.

Week 4: Genuinely Repenting

Repentance is more than saying “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong.” It is really saying, “I’ll try not to do this again.” Without genuine repentance, the other languages of apology may fall on deaf ears. We don’t want to continue this behavior, therefore, we decide that with God’s help, we will change. It is the decision to change that indicates that we are no longer making excuses.

Week 5: Requesting Forgiveness

Controlling personalities find that requesting forgiveness is especially difficult. Requesting forgiveness becomes tough to do because we know that forgiveness lies in the hand of the other person, and one of the two choices is not to forgive them, which would be rejection. The words, “Please forgive me,” are three of the most powerful words in the universe.


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