Having spent the last 27 years as a Lead Pastor in churches, both small and large, both traditional and innovative, to lead a church movement from ground zero is some kind of “ride” to say the least.


Many could say that no southern Bible belt city could ever need another church and they would be correct.  However, most of our cities in the South need a different kind of church so as to reduce the high percentage of people who go nowhere.


We believe if we can change the way people think about church then we can change the way they look and feel toward God. With that in mind, we are on a mission to create a church that is safe for churched and unchurched people to attend, who would desire to come back, and then love it enough they would bring someone with them. Ultimately, our hope is that this results in people never being the same! The truth can and will change you forever!


One thing I know for sure is that whether or not you have experienced church, some, none, or occasionally, churches have done a less than stellar job of creating a place of authenticity from the "top" down. We all need to "see it real." We hope to change that right here at Origin.


So, we look forward to the opportunity to meet you as you venture into Origin, a church for imperfect people. Of course that means, we can ALL come. See you soon.



Shane Craven |  Lead Pastor |

7638 Nashville Street

Ringgold, GA  30736