How did Origin choose Ringgold and Greater Chattanooga?

Here’s the startling news: 87% of our area attend no one’s church on a given Sunday!  We sensed a call to this area and have a sincere love for the people of this region. We’re here to give our lives for the mission of adding value to a single life and our community in every way, shape, and form.


When and where do you have service?

We meet in historic downtown Ringgold on Sundays @ 10am! (Directions)


Do you have a midweek service?

We do not have an official midweek service. Instead, we focus on making disciples either in men’s groups, ladies groups, or other discipling gatherings. We know that in today’s culture, people don’t have much time for extra commitments. So, we want to keep our focus simple… and for us, that looks like taking advantage of one on one’s or a few on a few’s, mentoring and discipling on Wednesday or Thursday nights.


How can I meet others and get connected?

There are many ways to get involved and we are currently working very hard to develop easy steps for each person to take One Step. Closer. To Jesus through Origin Church. Please be patient as we improve on this process. Email us that you would like to volunteer and we’ll certainly get you plugged in!


Do you have small groups or Sunday School?

To us, it’s the same thing. Both are effective! Small groups or Sunday School are important parts of Origin Church because they allow you to meet other members and develop relationships that will encourage your relationship with God. As Origin Church continues to grow, groups will allow us to “stay small” and connected.


What kind of church is Origin?

We’re a church laser focused on the mission of helping people find their way back to God and take one step closer to Jesus. All backgrounds are welcome! Because we care about a lot more than ourselves, we will always be a sending church (that means partnering to start new churches). Right now, we voluntarily choose to associate and partner with ministries who are doing great things across the nation and spreading the gospel around the globe: Growing Healthy Churches (GHC), Developing Churches Network (DCN), The North American Mission Board, and many others (see our mission partner page).


What makes Origin different?

Certainly each church has a different role in the community. Our focus is to be a church for the “spiritual,” the “irreligious,”, the “bad,” the “broken,” the “bored,” the “agnostic,” the “atheist,” the “guilty,” the “shameful,” the “saintly,” and the “stagnant.” What we’re trying to say is that you don’t have to have it all together to come to Origin Church. In fact, we prefer it that way! Origin is an upbeat, highly-relational, transparent, authentic, and safe environment where people can discover God’s potential for their lives.  We understand a little bit about the “old” and the “new.” Our pastor has led established traditional churches and also the planting of brand new ones.  This allows us to understand and care for all generations.


How is Origin organized?

We are a staff led church that operates with checks and balances. We have a Board of Directors who provide Godly counsel and direction on all major decisions. The day to day operations are led by our staff with the support of our volunteer teams. We like to use the phrase that we are guarded by the directors, guided by the staff, and gifted through the membership. We place a high value on teamwork and accountability.


What do you offer for families?

We offer creative and exciting environments for adults, and, children through 5th grade on Sunday mornings. At Origin Kids our loving volunteers teach biblical values that will help you build a strong foundation of faith for your kids to grow on. We connect middle and high schoolers with small groups and invite students to join adults for a very engaging and relevant worship experience. We also encourage them to find a place to volunteer during our Sunday worship experience. Middle and high school worship will be offered as soon as God opens that next door.


Is there a dress code?

We hope not, or we’re in trouble. We believe that God cares more about the condition of your heart than your outward appearance. Feel free to dress up, or come in jeans and your favorite t-shirt — whatever makes you comfortable!


What is the fastest way for me to plug in at Origin?

Our Growth & Assimilation Track at Origin is that we ask everyone to attend classes 101, 201, 301, and 401. This is where you hear our vision, understand our church, find your gifting, and become an official part of Origin Church.  Email us at to let us know you are ready. These classes rotate and are offered monthly.


How do I become a member at Origin?

At Origin Church, membership means more than simply having your name on a list. We consider membership to be synonymous with committed involvement. We call our members, Partners. It’s all about moving beyond attending worship on Sunday and joining us in creating, funding, and leading our environments. We want you to experience the awesome adventure of experiencing real life in Christ and helping others find it too. We want you to partner with us by choosing to help us change the world! It all starts right here! You become a "member" by completing classes 101-401.


Why the name “Origin Church”?

Or·i·gin -noun 1. something from which anything arises or is derived; 2. source; 3. fountainhead; 4. the first stage of existence; beginning. “Life begins, right now, at Origin Church!” A person can begin again, again, again, and again, and as we fail, fall short, or lose touch, Jesus Christ will be waiting, and we feel like He plans to use us to embrace people just as they are.


What is the financial situation?

We encourage and challenge every attender to be a scriptural giver/tither. It takes everybody to make a big difference. We believe the tithe is holy unto the Lord and is just a beginning place for any believer. As God becomes bigger to us and our faith increases, so should every area of our lives, including giving. You are never more blessed than when you are giving!




7638 Nashville Street

Ringgold, GA  30736