Defining Moments Campaign

God expects the very BEST of us all, doesn’t He? ORIGIN CHURCH is about people...people that can't seem to connect with a church, people that got out of church, and people that have never been to church. We accept people no matter their past or current situation with the goal of helping them take one step closer to God's will for their life. So, everything you read here about a building, is really about PEOPLE! We strive really hard at Origin to look for what God is already doing and join that. We only get one shot at this thing called life. Please don’t go to your grave NOT experiencing a grander life and a legacy life. Remember, the grander the vision, the greater the price tag and our mission is PEOPLE just like Jesus’ was. We don’t want anything FROM you, we want something FOR you. Don’t miss it!


This is our Defining Moment…the “what if” window that we have to stabilize our church future by securing the church building we currently meet in in order to build the legacy of adding as many people to the kingdom as we can before our “dash” expires.  We have the unique OPPORTUNITY to purchase and continue to renovate this building God has been so gracious to allow us to meet in rent-free, for three years.



Dates to Remember



(tons of special stuff happening on this day)



Celebration Sunday (celebrate, celebrate, celebrate….BIG REVEAL of total committed!)




 Woohoo Goal  


 YeahBoy Goal 


 Shoutin’ Time Goal



How can I participate?

Pray first, then surrender yourself to God’s will for your life. Ask Him what financial gift He would have you commit over a 3-year period, above and beyond your current tithe, and then….you are on your way!



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How to Invest?

If God’s put it on your heart to invest in Origin Church, here are 4 easy and secure ways to give. If you have questions, feel free to contact us by phone at 706-406-4130 or email at



Note: Please designate your investment for the “Building Fund”












7638 Nashville Street

Ringgold, GA  30736